Last week was a busy one for our Scholars Bowl teams. On Wednesday, February 22nd, the students traveled to Healy for our League Tournament.  The tournament was divided into 7th and 8th grade teams. 

The following students (pictured from left to right) competed on the 8th grade team: Iris Schemper, Conner David, Wyatt Compton, Jaycee Gebhard, Jordyn Cox, and Trista Smith. 

The 7th grade team (from left to right) included Rene' Horacek, Lucas Hansen, Griffin McKinney, Taiton Thalheim, Haedyn Cox, and Andrea Meraz. 

Though the 8th grade team did not place at Healy, they went 3-2 and their only losses were close matches.

Jordyn Cox led the team with 90 points, followed by Conner David with 60 points, and Jaycee Gebhard with 50 points. 

The 7th graders were awarded 1st place in the tournament. Top point leaders were Griffin McKinney with 350 points, Haedyn Cox with 50 points, and Taiton Thalheim with 20 points. 

On Thursday, February 23rd, Northern Valley Middle School hosted their 2nd annual Scholars Bowl. They invited Osborne, Palco, Logan, Thunder Ridge, and Stockton teams. 

The competition for the 8th grade team was tough and they ended up winning 2 of 5 rounds. Members of the team were: Iris Schemper, Conner David, Jaycee Gebhard, Trista Smith, and Jordyn Cox.

Top Scorers for this meet were Jordyn Cox with 70, Jaycee Gebhard with 60, and Conner David with 40. 

The 7th grade placed 1st at the home meet with the following students leading in points for their team. Griffin McKinney with 210 points, Josie Nech - 70 points, and Taiton Thalheim - 20 points. 

Team members were (pictured from left to right)Haedyn Cox, Taiton Thalheim, Lucas Hansen, Griffin McKinney, and Josie Nech