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Northern Valley High School
512 W Bryant Street
Almena, KS 67622
Phone: 785-669-2445
Fax: 785-669-2263

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Letter from the Principal

KEN THARMAN, Superintendent & HS Principal

Northern Valley is a small, rural 1A school nestled between northern Norton and Phillips Counties.  Northern Valley is a combination of the former Almena Rural School and Long Island School. 

The Almena and Long Island buildings have a great history.  They were constructed in 1924 and 1917 respectfully.  Over the years, there have been fires, additions, reshaping, repairs, and modifications.  They continue to withstand the test of time and the many great educators and students that have traveled the hallways. 

Over the past 100 years, the population of rural Kansas area has continually decreased.  There is evidence of this along every paved and gravel road.  Old barns that have fallen into disrepair, houses that are no longer inhabited, windmills that are now an island in a field.  These are reminders of the changing world in which we live, but they are each a monument to the way of life we choose to live. 

Average class size is about 14 students per grade level, giving teachers more of an opportunity to get to know the kids and where they need assistance.

The distance between the houses have increased, but technology and our shared values of education and family have strengthened the bonds of those in the valley.  The Northern Valley School District is the center of our communities.  Generations upon generations of people attend our events showcasing the talents of our young men and women each year.  They cheer on the victors and provide words of encouragement and support when the favor goes the other direction.  This is a school that continues to thrive due to community support.

If you have any questions about our school, please contact the district office at (785) 669 – 2445 or contact Ken Tharman (ktharman@nvhuskies.org).


Ken Tharman