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 Fort Hays State University is now APPROVED to offer an online, graduate program in Elementary Education—Transition to Teaching (T2T)!

 What does this mean?

  • Similar to our Secondary T2T Program, this enables you to hire someone as an Elementary teacher of record in which they work under a restricted license from KSDE while completing their online, graduate courses in ELED. This will then enable them to apply for their initial teaching license.

 How is this program offered?

  • The classes are 100% online and, as of this email, graduate tuition at FHSU is $298.55 a credit hour.

 Who is eligible?

To be eligible, students must have

  • Completed a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject) from a regionally accredited university .
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.   
  • A grade of B or better in English Composition II and Speech/Oral Communication.
  • A grade of C or better in College Algebra.
  • In addition to overall GPA, students’ previous undergraduate academic performance will be evaluated.
  • A consistent and successful academic history at the undergraduate level that demonstrates the student can successfully pursue education-related coursework at the graduate level and pass licensure exams. This undergraduate coursework should include natural/physical sciences, humanities, and social/behavioral sciences courses.
  • Please note: Candidates must meet the undergraduate requirements. Subsequent graduate performance and/or degrees will not be considered.

 In addition, as part of the graduate application process, students must submit:

  • Two letters of recommendation from people who can comment on your potential to be an effective K-6 educator.
  • A personal statement that briefly describes your motivation to pursue K-6 licensure and future goals as a professional educator.


When can students apply?

  • APPLY NOW! This program accepts new cohorts in the Fall and Spring semesters so students should apply now if they want to start the program in the Fall of 2023 (to be eligible to serve as teacher of record by January 2024).

 How soon can they be offered a contract to serve as the teacher of record?

  • Unlike the Secondary T2T program in which students already have a Bachelor’s in their content, this program requires a preliminary semester (Fall or Spring) in which students take courses in ELED Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies and Classroom Management along with completing a 120 hour internship in an ELED classroom. While they cannot be hired as teacher of record in the preliminary semester, they could still serve as paraprofessionals or substitutes in your district.
  • After successful completion of the preliminary semester, students can be offered a contract and teach in an ELED classroom under this restricted license!

 How long is the program?

  • While students can teach under a restricted license in their second semester in the program, they will be eligible to apply for their initial license after completing 3 semesters (during the fall and spring). This is 27 credit hours which can then be applied towards a full Master’s degree at FHSU!

 How do we get started?

  • Once you have identified a student you would like to sponsor/hire under the ELED/T2T program, have the student go to the FHSU Graduate School Admission webpage for instructions and a link to the online application. Please note that although there is no application deadline, all applications must be approved and processed in Workday a minimum of two weeks before beginning a new semester to secure registration. (Students must meet ALL of the admission requirements to be accepted into the program!)
  • Contact the ELED/T2T Program Coordinator, Dr. Valerie Zelenka (vlzelenka@fhsu.edu) and notify her of the student and their application.

 Thank you for your time and consideration of this new program! We look forward to working with you.

Chris J. Jochum, Ph.D. Chair and Professor, Department of Teacher Education Fort Hays State University The Department Chair: A Practical Guide to Effective Leadership