Board members

Join us in thanking our Board of Education


January is School Board Recognition Month and our school district would like to thank you each of our Board of Education members for their incredible service to our community and our public schools.


School board members in Northern Valley Schools develop policies and make important decisions that help shape the future of our education system. They are entrusted by this community with the responsibility of an annual budget of $ 2.2 million, 145 students, 43 employees, and 4 buildings.


This January, please join us as we thank our school board members for volunteering their time, for fulfilling this very important civic responsibility, and for advocating on behalf of every child in our community.


The men and women serving Northern Valley Schools and their years of service are: 

Christopher Rogers (16 years) newly reelected

Hilary Van Patten (8 years) newly reelected

Rich Wenzl (6 years)

Shanna Hammond (6 years)

Laquita Smith (5 years) newly reelected

Steven Whitney (4 years) newly reelected



 Kenneth A. Tharman

Superintendent / HS Principal